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Coral Sea Sensatori Resort

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Coral Sea Sensatori Resort

The resort is designed and laid-out to offer a unique separated designation of services and  facilities for both families and adults. The size of the resort provides a great opportunity for couples and families to co-exist in complete harmony. It is for couples in search of quality time and a hit for style-conscious families too. Moreover, Sensatori Sharm El Sheikh raises the par when it comes to children’s facilities. Sensatori Sharm El Sheikh puts you just footsteps from the sand. It is set on a beach overlooking Ras Nosrani Bay across 37 scenic acres of landscaped gardens fronting a stretch of over 650 meters of pristine sandy beaches. The resort located across
Tiran Island and close to the world-famous Ras Mohammed National Park, both considered to be two of the best diving spots in the world. The resort is also conveniently situated near Sharm El Sheikh Airport, the city centre, marina and the various attractions in and around Sharm El Sheikh. Balance and choice, running through the whole Sensatori experience is balance. On the one hand there are action-packed activities; on the other, ultra-relaxing Spa treatments. Likewise, gourmet cuisine sits alongside fast food. The secret to it all and the main focus lies in the attention to details.


Season & Validity:-

From To Season DBL TBL SGL
12 - Feb- 2016 30 - Apr - 2016 Normal 290$ 390$ 230$


35 - 11 =

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